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Mechanical or as they are also called non-motorized treadmills are cardio machines powered by human muscle power. The running belt moves under the action of the athlete's legs, and the load becomes a derivative of his own weight and friction forces in the mechanism. This fitness equipment is especially in demand in CrossFit, where exercises with explosive accelerations are practiced, as well as in professional sports.

Features of non-motorized treadmill

The main advantage that a mechanical treadmill offers is the lack of training restrictions. The user can accelerate as he needs and accelerate to any speed. The pace of running is set not by the moving canvas, but by the athlete himself. That is why such cardio machines are highly valued by professional athletes.

There are other benefits to non-motorized treadmills. Among them, the following should be especially noted:

  • Maximum autonomy. A treadmill without a motor is not connected to the network, so it can be used absolutely anywhere;
  • Compact dimensions and low weight. The simplest mechanism of these treadmills takes up little space, so non-motorized treadmills are usually small and light;
  • High working resource. Due to the simple device, mechanical treadmills are very hardy and rarely fail. Maintenance of these simulators also requires minimal costs;
  • Profitability. Since the cardio equipment is not connected to the network, it does not consume electricity. The electronic unit of such simulators is powered by batteries that are charged during training.

At the same time, mechanical running simulators have a number of features that limit their use. First of all, it should be noted a modest choice of adjustments and the lack of full-fledged programs. It is also important that the speed of the canvas is directly dependent on the fatigue of the athlete. In cases with beginners, this can reduce the effectiveness of training.

Features of non-motorized treadmills

Modern mechanical treadmills are equipped with electronic modules with high-quality displays. They offer the user information about the training process, displaying time, speed, distance, calories burned. Also, these cardio machines have built-in or remote pulse sensors. For a comfortable workout, most models also provide bottle and towel holders, as well as gadget stands and shelves.

The running belt of a mechanical track can be flexible or rigid, consisting of separate segments. The use of segments allows you to improve depreciation and minimize the load on the joints. Rigid canvases have a huge resource, for example, for exercise machines of the well-known brand Assault Fitness, they are designed for a run of up to 150 thousand km. All non-motorized treadmills come with casters and handles to help move the treadmill indoors.

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